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U Build Your Website Web Hosting Services Blog Page

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Website No-Nos

Setting up a website in order to bring business into your company is an essential step in the present day. Even from watching advertisements on television or picking up a magazine you can see that, alongside the bullet-point information in the ads, there is almost invariably a URL for the company website. The Internet is a serious business tool for the biggest companies, and the smaller companies use it too as it is often cheaper and more effective than going ahead with simple old fashioned business practices. Advertising, for one thing, costs a lot more in print and in public than it does online.

A good company website, then, can be the difference between your business sinking and swimming. There are certain things that can turn a potential customer off a company just from a short view of a website. These are simple things, but they can cost you big money if you allow them to. Good spelling is an essential – the potential customer may have doubts about your ability to deliver a good service if you cannot proof-read your documents. Readability is also important – no long, rambling sentences can be allowed, nor can a poor choice of color combination (navy blue text on a bright red background will not do).

Poor use of images is also dangerous. The wrong image, the wrong size, the wrong placement – these are just three things that can make a potential customer’s mind wander. And if you let their mind wander, it may just wander all the way over to one of your rivals.

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